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JULIAN VAUGHN: HEY LESTER! (Fresh Sound Records - Swing Alley)
The Lester remembered here is Bowie, not Young, and there are elements throughout that the trumpeter would have appreciated. Vaughn’s a no-fuss drummer rooted in the blues and with star appearances to his credit, including with Kenny Garrett and James Moody. Also interesting is the substitution of the rhythm section’s bass by the cello, played pizzicato in a way that unsurprisingly gives the proceedings a lighter bounce. It works alongside Vaughn’s style, which flowers at the right moments, as with the tom-tom atmospherics on Coltrane’s Equinox. The album’s variety is subtle: Vaughn’s Three Strikes, written three to the bar but played in common time, is mirrored by Night And Day, normally four-to-the-bar but here waltzed. With four tracks to his name, Vaughn joins the current crop of drummer-composers in this muscular set based in swing and hard bop. (Nigel Jarrett) ***

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