Julian Vaughn

musician composer arranger producer

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Hey Lester

by Julian Vaughn

CD Tracklist

1.     Hey Lester! 4´ 09´´

2.     Three Strikes 7´ 56´´

3.     He bop 5´ 11´´

4.     Afro Blue, Afro Blues 4´ 03´´

5.     New Leans 5´ 27´´

6.     Equinox 7´ 35´´

7.     Night & Day 6´ 34´´



Julian Vaughn; drums

Albert Bover; piano

Frederick Carlquist; tenor sax

Dennis "El Huevo" Hernández; trumpet & Flugelhorn

Barnabas Hangonyi; cello


Randy Greer; vocals track 4

Dana Re-Leese Roth; vocals track 9

Fernando Tejero; keyboards

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