Julian Vaughn

musician composer arranger producer


As a BAND leader

"Hey Lester" 2017

"Organic Sessions" 2018


Qbamba, "No Kana Muri Gossi", 2007

Andrzej Olejniczak, "Live at Altxerri", 2004

Ximo Tébar, "Embrujado", 2003

José Mercé, "Aire", 2003

Ignacio Terraza, "Christmas swings in Barcelona", 2003

Princes of Time, "Just in time", 1999

Princes of Time, "Princes of time", 1994

Otis Rush, "Live & Awesome", 1990

A.C. Reed John Vaughn, "I Got Money", 1985

Byther Smith & Larry Davis, "Blues knights: Chicago Blues Festival", 1985

Johnny Copeland, "Texas Twister", 1984

Johnny Copeland, "Copeland Special" , 1981

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